Welcome to my blog.

Every blog needs a first blog, before the real serious shit goes down. It seems crass to simply spew the contents of my brain onto the keyboard and publish; some form of preliminary fucking-about is required. And this is it.

No-one has encouraged me to write a blog, so I thought it would be important to do so in order to prove that everyone was wrong not to. Up until now, I have occasionally vented my spleen about some topic using Facebook, but now I have this blog, I won’t need to do that anymore. (Unless I forget about the blog or am too lazy to use it.)

Some of you will be thinking that I will simply set this blog up, and lack the required will to regularly update it. From now on I shall refer to these people as doubters; they will be first against the wall. I of course definitely, definitely will update this thing regularly. (Although, I would concede that the definitions of the words ‘update’ and ‘regularly’ are open to debate. You can be assured that a certain amount of words will be published in intervals spanning a certain amount of time.)

My attention to trivial topics will be serious and my coverage of serious topics will be so facetious as to be irritating. Spelling and grammar will be played fast and loose with, though I welcome corrections because I consider spelling and grammar to be very fucking important indeed. Profanity will be sporadic. Blogs will be kept brief because I have a short attention span, and so do you.

Until an undisclosed later date.


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