Dear James Delingpole: You Are The Problem

This just in: Delingpole is a bit of a tosser.

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

Dear Mr Delingpole,

I’ve just come across your nauseatingly clueless piece, Why it’s not sexist to say that boys should never play with dolls, and was so impressed by your complete and utter failure to understand the issues you’re discussing, not to say your sexism, that I felt the need to respond to it in full. Not so much because I think you’ll listen to a word I have to say, but because it’s necessary; and because, quite frankly, I think my head might explode if I don’t. So, without further ado: here is why you are wrong. (All bolding for emphasis is mine.)

Not so long ago the “progressive” headmistress of a very smart all-girls’ boarding school invited me to dinner with some of her brightest sixth formers.

One by one the girls were asked to tell me of their impressive future plans: “Engineering, Cambridge; physics, Oxford; maths…

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2 thoughts on “Dear James Delingpole: You Are The Problem

  1. Your posts are often great reading but love this one for a different reason. So short and to the point, with a conclusion no-one could disagree with. “Delingpole is a bit of a tosser” should be a disclaimier written before any article of his which somehow gets published.

    As for the sexist drivel he came out with, well. Many have put far better than I could what bollocks he was talking.

    Delingpole – what a tosser.

    • Haha, indeed. I would have expounded further on why he is a tosser, but since this lady had written six thousand words (!) on the subject, I thought breivity might be better 😉

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