America! Fuck yeah!

Last week’s blog made for pretty grim reading, and since the world hasn’t gotten any less grim, this week will be similarly so.  For starters, Robin Williams has died, to the surprise of just about everyone.  The eulogy is similar to the one I deliver whenever any celebrity dies:  That sucks; I liked some of his films; he will be missed.

Elsewhere in the world, there is a ceasefire called in one war, and an escalation in another.  The UN has responded to events in Iraq in typical fashion:  by slowly lumbering to its feet, scratching its arse and emitting a confused grunt.

And so it falls to the Americans to sort the mess out.   As it always does.  Of course, when the Americans actually do make a move in that direction, it becomes a stick with which to beat them.

“Bombing Iraq again?  Typical America!  Outrageous!”

It is a strange world where a psychopathic band of thugs can chase a few thousand unarmed civilians up a mountain, with the intent of exterminating them, and the Americans can attract criticism for intervening with a handful of well-placed airstrikes.  Yeah, well, we all remember the NSA, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning and whatever.  We all remember Guantanamo Bay, Abu Grahib and the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Perhaps, then, it’s worth dwelling for a moment on just how cuntish ISIS really are.  They are as reprehensible a bunch of wankers as it is possible to be.  They have marched across Syria and Iraq, committing every cuntinsh act conceivable.  I’m talking about decapitating small children, burying people alive, shooting unarmed civilians in the back of the head and capturing women and forcing them into sexual slavery.  This is, of course, rationalised using the sort of deeply weird reasoning that can only stem from unwavering adherence to a deeply weird doctrine:  The victims variously believe in the wrong brand of unprovable bollocks, have the wrong ancestry, or possess the ability to turn into a goat.

So let’s get a sense of proportion here.  Even a tosser like Dick Cheney has never ordered an American to bury an enemy combatant alive, never mind a non-combatant, never mind multiple non-combatants.

Jihadists are like Nazis.  There is no substantive difference between the goal of establishing a reich and that of establishing a caliphate.  ISIS have demonstrated the same willingness to commit atrocities if it means furthering that end.   They should be challenged just as robustly as Nazis are.  They should be advised, where possible, to go and fuck themselves.   As Nazis are.

Let me be clear.  I am not the biggest fan of US defence policy.  Neither am I the biggest fan of Israeli defence policy.  But I can still recognise the difference between Israel and ISIS.  One launches strikes with the rationale of self-defence, and inadvertently kills civilians (and expresses regret at doing so).  The other intentionally perpetrates genocide.  Which should draw greater ire?

We’re all happy to slate American foreign policy, just as we are happy to eat American food and watch American film television.  The development of the ‘‘murica’ meme is symptomatic.  It’s like slating your vastly attractive and successful friend because she happens to talk too loudly.  She’ll still settle the bill every time you go for a curry, and you’ll be happy to let her.

Until next week.


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